Jennifer Lopez is the epitome of the glamorous coat and the skirt are Gucci in combination with shoes go-go


Jennifer Lopez considered a private jet this Thursday, July 2, teaches at the faculty of architecture. In “Diva ” Bronx” was seen derrochando glamour in the Parking lot at the Airport in van NUYS in Los Angeles elegant set Gucci from tweed.

The singer, who goes to Miami in the company of his family, stood on jet private wear very difficult clothing, luxury signature consists of shirt oversizedin the colors cream and black stripe and pink tones, mini-games, which showed her elastic leg, said Hollywood Life.

JLo banded clothes from famous designers, wrapped black top and some stylish shoes a go-go to the knee in white color, for contrast.

In addition, he graduated from the exquisite look with Maxi bag black Chanel with gold chains, glasses and a huge square Hoop earrings gold. As for the hair, you can see pictures made in the press that the translator of the ring decided to keep her natural curls gathered in the beam effortless chic.

Without a doubt, this wonderful equipment this is one of the best, what led Jennifer to this year, and his successor, said.

Great according to Jennifer“”Oh, these boots are sweets” I love this dress“”I love his style, I love you all”, “Barbie from the Bronx, who didn’t come to play”, “I Love bags” and “I love according to she really managed to bring“there’s been some reaction of their fans in Instagram.

Also, this Friday, July 3, a woman of 50 years old grew up with their stories in Instagram one selfie it was decided during the flight that showed a striking makeup in natural tones, which once bore. In addition, he explained, the code for sending “virtual kisses“to all my fans.

Jennifer Lopez Instagram

Family members and Jennifer Lopez was afraid to go on the plane

On the other hand, Alex Rodriguezthat dressed more casual for the trip, he shared this Thursday’s Instagram video where he won, carrying one family member that I’m afraid to get on a plane: they are The Labrador Retriever Lady.

“One of our passengers, I was afraid to fly,” wrote Lopez promised in the conventional clip, it is clear that to download a dog of a luxury car with precision to the aircraft until JLo on the website, providing full support for fluffy to take off.

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