Joy Garden shows in Instagram, grew up as his daughter Noah


Singer Joey the Garden, a member of the Duo Jesee & Joe shows in Instagram how to quickly grow his daughter, Noa, who was born in may. Girl, you should not taste, because every day teaches them different directions.

Joy is divided into a few Instagram photos shown with Noah in his hands and every time is appreciated much more. In one of the photos Joe appears with a towel on his head, while Noah Jumpsuit with pink.

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To get back to it all, period,” writes joy Garden. And Ramon, kitty, the artist just take and clear that part of his family as well.

Joy Garden has surprised her fans in April when you open your heart like never before to say not only that he found love in the woman, but was also awaiting the birth of her eldest.

In the past the Award of the Youth, the Joy of the Garden was, who spoke to the correspondent of the program ” Wake up America line Univision, and mentioned some of the reasons why I wanted to share their pregnancy and childbirth.

I always knew in that moment that becoming a mother, I wanted to share this happiness. Being 100% honest, I never thought that I can share motherhood with another woman.”

Joy hinted that growing up, seeing what sexual preference in hues.

Now, if the colors of the rainbow, because really the people we fall in love with the person we fall in love with a man.”

Joy Garden he stressed that to publish that part of his life was not something simple.

At the time that I share these two loves that I have in my life that my wife and my child, I realized how important it is that this view”.

Joy, who is also the author of he said in this interview that how well that to date, the more people will talk about her reality and what they like, there will be more people, raise up your hand and say “me too.”