Justin Bieber accused rapist on Twitter. It says the singer


Two young men are accused, this Saturday and Justin Bieber of sexual abuse when they were minors during a tour of the artist in 2014. The complaint passed through social networks. Singer and current husband Hailey Baldwin refused one of the two complaints and announced that it will take legal steps.

On Saturday, young is defined as Daniel assured via Twitter that Bieber was attacked after a music event in Austin, Texas, in March 2014, when offered, as to her, as friends, to get acquainted with the singer, and then offered them their room at the Four Seasons hotel. “Justin made me the OK not to say anything to anyone, or could have serious legal problems,” said the young man. “After that, he invited me to join him in bed,” he added.

After this publication, the name Justin Bieber became a trend on Twitter as millions of users accused rapist in the comments. Canadian, who came to give face to refute rumors submitted the necessary evidence to clear his name and his expareja Selena Gomez, which involved charges.

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“As a rule, not to explain these things because I have a contract with accusations and casual throughout my career, but after talking with my wife and my team, decided to talk about that night. Rumors is rumors, but sexual violence is something I do not accept. I wanted to speak at once, but out of respect for the many victims that in order to cope with these problems every day, I just wanted to make sure to gather the facts before making any statements,” he wrote.

The charges said that one of the days in which alleged abuse of one of the girls faced Selena Gomez, because of this, Justin revealed on his Twitter page photos, at night, he was with Gomez and have documented proof that paid for my stay on Airbnb, and not at the Four Seasons hotel in which the victim claims that there had been sexual violence.

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“There is no truth in this story. In fact, once I show you, I’ve never been in this place. As he told his story, I found the crowd in Austin, where he appeared on the scene with my assistant, and sang some songs. The fact that this man did not know that I was at this concert with my then girlfriend Selena Gomez”.

“Every complaint of sexual violence should be taken very seriously, and so needed in my answer. However, this story is actually impossible, and therefore I will work with Twitter and the authorities to pursue legal action,” he added at the output.

Now what people say on the Internet that Justin Bieber has not complied with the mention of the other allegations of sexual harassment, which carried out specialist Kadi.

According to the indictment, the young man assured that on may 4, 2015. he was in new York trying to take a picture with a star and the next day one of the guards, the singer gave him my phone number, although she claims that he had not been their own. Later, she was invited to the hotel where he was staying with Justin and asked him to speak a little French. Apparently, the singer to insult sexually in the bathroom of a hotel room. Kadi retuiteo its publications when I met Bieber.