Keiynan Lonsdale, with ‘The Flash’ is bisexual

The actor, 25, who plays Wally West in the television program,” – wrote in social networks:

I like to change my hair, I like to take risks, how you dress, I like girls and I like guys (yeah), I like to develop, I like to learn, I like who I am and I love who I am.”

His confession is accompanied by a reflection on the past where I spent too many years odiándome, thinking that it’s less valuable because it was different… something that is not true. A few years ago, I was able to accept each other, and it saved my life.”

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Lonsdale, who also made the actor such films as “Partisan” and “The Finest Hours’, he added that “it is necessary to take the next step and accept who I am, and it’s very touching. I do not need anymore, do not apologize for that love with people, regardless of gender.”

In the end, ‘welcomed’ who have already done a similar process, and it was sent to has not yet reached:

“Every time I see more and more young people to be better and more real version, this is very inspiring… so I’ve been waiting for? Who knows? Everyone who is at the time. I hope we can all learn to accept who we are, and not to condemn people who are not the same with us. The truth is that we are all family, we are one.”