Kendall Jenner defies censorship Instagram naked complexity


Model Kendall Jenner has surprised the world published on your account in Instagram photo, on which appears completely Nude.
The town with its stately figure, economist, technology used, and set the cage in her nipple, to avoid censorship in the famous social network.

Photo refers to the session that Jenner spent for the photographer Mert Alas, who also shared part of the work that the model did to him.
Within just a few hours to identify, photograph amounted to more than 4 million I love, and the endless reviews that highlight his toned body natural, unlike his sisters.
The painting is part of a campaign of brand products for acne removal and which model is Ambassador.
“When my acne gets out of control I was a high school student who didn’t want to leave the house. Now I’m very happy with my skin. Try Proactiv, you will not regret it,” said Kendall in the photos for this campaign.