Kim Kardashian reveals the controversy of the film his daughter playing with a snake


For example, a few days ago the mother of four children shared through the history of instagram video, which appeared on the beach surrounded by pigs (all right). The differences, rather, unleashed, when Kim posted a video in which her youngest daughter, Chicago West, appears QUIETLY playing with a snake. And when we say “quietly”, I’m not exaggerating, because the publication deals with girls 1 year with the gtr around his neck and hands. In the background you can appreciate the voice that says: “Look at Chi-Chi,” and the child analyzes, and even comes to face to face to animals (don’t watch the video if you have a fear of snakes).

In less than an hour, the post got two and a half million views and 20 thousand comments. However, not everyone liked the film. On the one hand, there were people who welcomed the mother to teach Chicago to be bold, and even went so far as apodarla “Snake Charmer” (charming snakes). While, on the other hand, the activists began to Express their discontent in the comments, arguing that parents should not teach their children perceive animals as toys.