Kode with Klossy, the education initiative Karlie Kloss for Nias first person

Gabriel, 16, was one of the students of the course ” programming for girls, directing the model.

Update 11/10/2018 14:32

At the age of 16 years, started selling cookies vegetarian charitable purposes, and from 24 fund Kode with Klossa project that aims to inspire girls aged 13 to 18 to enter the world of programming (for this to cease to be -in principle – a lot of men). Karlie Kloss is much more than top model and so this shows that social initiatives like this. Today, Gabriel, 16 years, talks about his experiences camp for programming, in which all teenagers want to participate.

I first met Kode with Klossy when empez a few years ago through social networks. The woman who sat behind me in social networks, he was in the first edition, and I half much attention, because nobody ever would have thought that a girl like her outside of the program. Since then, empec watch videos Youtube channel Carly, Klossy, and because I knew all the news about Kode With Klossy.

First, what I call note programs, and that later he arranged, was the fact that someone is not working, it is a person who works in the fashion world. Leads to the fact that the world’s attention, and more remains a figure as well known as Karlie Kloss. In principle, although it seemed to me interesting, not even thank you for to use your head. I think partly because he thought an impossibility, but, on the other hand, because I was not a science enthusiast at school, and never thought that could be a choice for me. But it is always a little desire. In addition, I have brothers much older than me, and when they were engaged in job search, or skills, or they always say how important it is to learn programming and how we asked, “everywhere.” Also, I’ve always been curious to know how to operate all devices and machines that surround me; as are all that I can do this only by using appfor example , even if just to learn the alphabet of programming. Gradually, seeing how it grew Kode With Klossythe number of Nias are so different that they are made of felt after this experience, and some even claimed I pareci great opportunity to learn at least a little bit-the tools needed today as programming. And after participating in Kode With Klossy I understand that this is only the tip of the iceberg and that the possibilities offered by the programming are endless.

Kode With Klossy provides scholarshipmany people refer to the program. But, it is obvious that Parking spaces are limited, so you must go through a selection program. Had to use the Internet and make video minutes, more or less, on why going to do with these “forces” (as they call it) of programming, if Kode With Klossy. I also had to write an essay about my motives and about why I started to apply to the program. Although the area is rich in both I was not especially difficult because, in the end, to apply to the program, everyone should have their clear reasons, and not run.

For Kode with Klossy we have grades nine to five for two weeks. Every day, when we were there, we had opening circleas a warm up, before work. After will contribute to the development of a class on different themes and languages of two of our teachers, then ponamos to work to bring to life something that never learns. When we had brain breaksthe wizard stops short of games and activities to disconnect a bit. A few days in the past hours, we have carried out projects in groups and then we had that to finish the homework, what they did, whatever was going on many evenings in the house of my compaeras from camp. During the last days of the course, we developed a final project in groups, which we present in the last day.

In addition to classes when venan experts us a lecture about his experiences in the world of technology and other very interesting topics.

Indeed, I think it’s a unique experience like at the College level, and on a personal level. On the level of teaching, I was able to do something that will never occur, that I could doand of course I abri’s eyes to a world of opportunities. After this experience, I don’t understand how this is not studied previously. Personally, I like today’s universities and workplaces the requirement of level of English are mandatory and College, it seems more and more on improving the quality of teaching that language, I think the same should happen with the programming, which in the end is the language, the language of the future. And on a personal level, I bring friends, memorable, with whom I talk every day. One of the things I already half attention, and the more I appreciate Kode Klossy With this amazing community that createsamong all Nias in camps above camps from other cities and other levels, we ask doubts, tell me please, with a variety of themes and personal projects, and many other things, and there is always someone who is willing to help you.

We had the opportunity to be with Karlie Kloss, as it came to us camp in demo dayon the day of the presentation of the projects an end, and we also had the opportunity to hear their conversation. It conveys the naturalness and dedicacin, actually. When he came, the presentation and the conversations that we had yeah, yeah, in General, everything was very nervous and she was nothing more than to make comments and jokes to relax. And while not knowing a single question, as a man, how she took the situation is so important in the world of fashion has a crazy schedule and in full volume its obligations, work and travel every day, he dedicates his time to give us this opportunity. In addition, the fact that he will take the trouble, welcome to our camp incredible.

Thanks a lot, a lot of Karlie Kloss and all the staff Kode With Klossy for the opportunity he gave us, both me and my compaeras and all the girls who took part in this program, and even gave us an unforgettable experience, experience, fabulously rich, in both professional and personal, and the ear everyone can live what we lived, to know what we know, and to meet amazing people whom we knew.