Kylie Jenner makes a second tattoo dedicated to his daughter Stormi


Kylie Jenner showed immediately, not only about how important to her her little Stormiand the close relationship that links them. His daughter he dedicated a line of cosmetics, celebrations, birthdays, which mimic exhibition for children and now second tattoo on the back of his right arm (just above elbow) with a mysterious trio of numbers: 4:43. What does it mean? Not less than exactly when he was born Stormi (1 January 2018), and the moment that life gave a 360 degree swivel for the young business.

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So, Kylie Jennerthat was on the cover of Vogue in the company Stormi, will tattoo in the style of minimalismas a rule, those who wear the initials or numbers. First who devoted his daughter Stormi he did it during a birthday party organized Travis Scott last year, that invited tattoo Jon Boythe origin of Philippine-American. One of the most popular stars of Hollywood and modelling, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, with more than 680 thousand followers on its official account on Instagram.

But Kylie Jenner presumably, a total of eight small tattoos on his body. One of them is dedicated to it former partner and father of Storm, Travis Scott. Both willingly shared butterflies which tatuaron at the ankles, was inspired by the song ‘Butterfly Effect’ single in the USA. The topic addressed woman Kylie Cosmetics when they were together, in 2018. “Caught the wave just to slow down my braids. You I want love, this is not necessarily a priority (Yes!)’, part of lyrical.

In celebrity that gives us lessons more than the trick to makeup the social network also now is certain to inspire tattoo small about family or love. Kylie Jenner also made a tattoo in the company of his former best friend, Jordyn woods, and the other with red paint in honor of his maternal grandmother: Mary Jo in his left forearm. I have no doubt that for younger sisters from the Kardashians, tattoos synonymous with homage for love.

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