Michael Keaton won’t be alone, another actor of ‘Batman’ connect with the Arrowverse crossover


Everything seems to indicate that the Arrowverse event seeks to pay tribute to the various devices of DC Comics, which was, obviously, for example, that Robert Wuhl joins the “Crisis on Infinite album.’

The actor appeared in the film ‘Batman’ 1989, next to Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton.

In fact, a few days ago, it was the filtered image, which shows that Batman (Michael Keaton will appear on the event with reporters.

Robert Wuhl joins the “Crisis on Infinite album,’ the actor played Alexander Knox in Tim Burton movie. Knox is a reporter who ends up in a tangle with Bruce Wayne, Batman, Wiki Is the Joker.

Other characters who also want the fans, who confirmed, Batman (Michael Keaton and the Joker Jack Nicholson.

It is not yet known which is so important to be part actor or just a cameo or interact strongly with the characters who followed the path summation.

Michael Keaton won't be alone, another actor of 'Batman' is connected with a crossover Arrowverse Robert Wuhl-600x360

Source: Warner Bros.

‘Crisis on Infinite album,” will be an event that begins in the US on 8 December in ‘Supergirl’ continues in ‘batwoman’ December 9, remains in ‘The Flash’ 10 December, crossover will run until January 14, 2020. in ‘Arrow’ and ‘DC Legends of Tomorrow’.

Who else will be declared to be a part of this crossover?