Photos Taylor swift and Karlie Kloss announced their reconciliation in Instagram


One day Karlie Kloss stopped publishing photos Taylor Swift conversely, what happened between them, yet it is a mystery, but the fact that there was a struggle, it was. However, rumors about their feud is over and the evidence to Instagram.

Karlie Kloss, he was present at a concert #ReputationTour Taylor swift in Nashville, and he post in Instagram, that she and the singer are still inseparable.

“Nobody is going to show how @taylorswift 🎤✨. #ReputationTourNashville he was from another world. I’m proud of you”.

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Taytay grew up in Nashville, and it was a very emotional return to it as one of the vocalists, pop, more desirable at any time to fill the place. “Nashville, yesterday was the first time acted as a main singer in this stadium. Every second of the show means a lot to me, and I am very grateful to @thetimmcgraw and @faithhill come to sing “Tim Mcgraw’ with me. The first time I came to this city in search of a contract when I was 11 years old! I am very happy that here so many years later. Thanks for a memorable evening,” wrote the singer in Instagram.

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Rumored feud Taylor and Carly this was because the model was posing at the enemy singer Katy Perry.

He also said that reconciliation was the fact that Carly is going to marry, and, of course, wants Taylor to accompany her on your big day.