Snack pack Karlie Kloss can save you extra calories every day


A lot diet they must increase the number of meals per day from three to five to maintain your ideal weight. One of the main reasons for the introduction of two snacks one early morning, and another during the day, afternoon tea is you will never get lunch or dinner too hunger and around this time, that the entrance to the house, wanting to open the fridge and to cook extra calorific value. However, some time ago dietitian Aitor Sanchez published in his book My diet is lame it is the recommendation of the 5 dishes may not be the magic formula to lose weight, because, in General, as a rule, the choice of snacks is not easy. If you have already disclosed los healthy snacks that could reduce up to 365 calories daily intakenow Karlie Kloss it explains a specific way in order not to starve between hours and avoid harmful picoteos: with it snack pack healthy.

healthy snacks

Karlie Kloss is divided into Klossyhis Youtube channel, as his working visit, some photos from behind the scenes of their parades, or what beauty secrets models. In the latter category include meals in one of his films has shared his snack pack or a packet of snacks, which always carries with him. Model: “They know me because as the Queen snacksI can be in China at the fashion show of Victoria’s Secret, on the other side of the world, and my friends know, which is always good appetizer“.

Among his necessary to eat between the hours of Kloss notes, nuts, candy bars with protein and capsules with cocoa powder. The first option is a lot healthy fats as omega-3, vitamins, protein, fiber, calcium and minerals, and what it does is add a cocktail of different genres (walnuts, almonds, and cashews) in my purse zip transparent. So, experts recommend not to exceed 30 or 50 grams a day, because if you will not shoot your calorie intake every day.

The second appetizer is typical for people who often do sports, like herself, because bars proteins contribute to muscle regeneration, as well as to keep in check the appetite after intense workouts. And finally, a bag of cacao powder-your salvation, if you’re greedy, selects envelopes with individual cocoa 100% and mézclalo milk if the laptop is that better than biscuits or chocolate.