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Malcolm Maxwell he was arrested this week The FBI after helped exnovio, Jeffrey Epsteinabuse of minors and illegal sexually with them. Economist of British origin will play in Court in new York, and the financier from new York who died last year in an apparent suicide, however this does not mean that he will speak with the authorities of topics that contain Prince Andrewan old friend of his, with the case of the deceased pedophile.

After his arrest Kids and after filtering in the Internet the photo that displays the escort and actor Kevin spacey sitting on a throne that looks like Buckingham Palace, looks fell on Prince Andrewwho is the friend appointed in the case of a homosexual. See also:Uncover a wealth Malcolm Maxwell and luxurious mansion, who lived

principe Andres and Kids Maxwell

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However, a close friend to Maxwell, Laura Goldman, made contact with the newspaper “The Telegraph”, to ensure that in no case examante Epstein ‘delataría” son of Queen Elizabeth II, because he claims that the Prince suffers from the innocent and his participation in the case that a thing to her ‘naivety’.

Laura Goldman in an interview: “the Guys always told me that Andrew it’s a bit silly and naive, and that if the girls in the house when he was there, then I would have thought that it was a servant. “All those people who think it’s evil, just mistaken. This type of person with the right that all that he sees as a servant.”

principe Andres

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Girl Maxwell also emphasized that it is more likely that talking about other politicians, like President of the United States, Donald Trumpif the former President, Bill Clinton. Goldman argues that the secular and the Prince had a brief affair, and even grateful to him, because when he fled to new York after the death of his father, the Duke of York, helped him to enter the jet set.

“She was so grateful that when I first came to new York, the Prince helped to play it in high society. She always says what is a true friend. She sees no reason to talk about him to the authorities.”

They say that in the last times the Prince and Kids gathered at Buckingham Palace was in July 2019, a month before the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. See also:Malcolm Maxwell, lover and partner Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested by the FBI

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