Spirits of favorite legends of Hollywood


Big stars Hollywood is characterized by having unique style and analoguesin turn , also have the port allowed in front of the headlights, in addition, always look distinctive appearancebut also have a peculiar smell. Therefore, below we will show your favourite perfume.


Some remain the same, similar, and others brought a radical change

You know the stars when they were girlsYou know the stars when they were girls

1. Marilyn Monroe.
One of the first large Actresses Hollywoodit icon pop and a symbol of sexywas his favorite fragrance this was Rose Geranium the signing of the London Floris. This fragrance includes notes of geranium, specializing in the citrusy, notes of rose and some notes of cedar. Currently you can buy in fact, a bathroom.

2. Jackie Kennedy.
In exprimera lady of the United States had the advantage of spirits Joyfrom Jean Patoufor a long time was the most expensive in the world. To get 30 ml of spirits, you need 10 thousand Jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses, the bet is very risky, especially at a time when was created the fragrance. So that joy became more scents of success and glamour of all time. This fragrance has become The Best Flavor XX century Fragrance Foundation in the year 2000.

3. Elizabeth Taylor.
With a large star Hollywoodthat was also characterized by being the first actress, which was released in 1991 your own fragrance, called White Diamondsfollowed by later Forever and Passion. Currently, White Diamonds remains a fragrance designed by a celebrity, the most popular and achieve a sales increase at all times. However, when started as an actress Taylor used The ball? Versailles the fragrance, which was created in 1962, where the ingredients were rosemary, orange blossom, cedar and vanilla. To use it again during filming Cleopatra and besides, it was also for what was in your favorite spirits Michael Jackson.

4. Princess Diana.
Lady Di used perfume Quelques Fleursa floral fragrance with the smell of tuberose, rose and Jasmine. But also Diana was the entire fan spirits Hermès under the name 24 Fauburgwhich was founded in 1995 by Maurice Roucel, as a bouquet insignia of the signing of the Paris. It is the perfume of orange blossom, peach, Gardenia and amber.

5. Audrey Hepburn.
Under the name L’interdit (Which is forbidden in French) was developed in 1957 solely for the Audrey Hepburn in Hubert in Givenchy. There are rumors that say that Hepburn forbade Givenchy for sale, a commercial scent, but over time ended giving. The fragrance includes bergamot, rose, Jasmine, iris, violet, Narcissus and sandalwood. After Audrey started to use Spring Flowersignature Creed, another fragrance created exclusively for her.

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