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Unlike the universe of cinema Marvel (MCUThe universe of style DC (DCEU) preferred to keep their marks individually. This is the reason The Flash there are two versions: on TV Grant Gustin and another movie from Ezra Millerbut how do you feel both sides, that for that iteration, which can be misleading?

For example, both translators agreed a few days ago in San Diego Comic-Con-2017fans of superhero reboots comparisons, so Gustin took advantage of the opportunity to keep Miller, which were booked as Barry Allen some time after it had been declared like Barry series The CW.

As a comment to the photo Grant Gustin indicated that Ezra Miller is one of the young actors, more maturity in the cinema today and loans approve your choice, as The Flash.

“I am very glad to see, what to do with Barry Allen / The Flash“- written by Gustin.

Grant commented about Ezra Miller from FlashTV

Last year, the actor released flowers Miller after he said it was surprising that there are two versions The Flash on the screen.

“Ezra” is fun and enjoyable. You can, of course, very excited”, – he wrote.

However, many fans are still annoyed by the lack of cooperation DCEUthe same thing that led to the birth of two sprinters al.

In the past, Director Zack Snyder he explained that was not considered Grant Gustin for The Flash because he believed that his bow was developed in the TV would not be in the movie.

“I’m very strict in this universe, and I don’t see where… not our world,” he said.

Now, for fans The Flash there are several options. How multiverse works DCEUwould not have the problem of the existence of two versions Barry Allenfor what ever can meet.

Ezra Miller it will be seen as The Flash in Justice Leaguethat will be released in the next November 17, while Grant Gustin the premiere of the fourth season The Flash 10 Oct The CW in the United States.