These images of beauty seen on the red carpet of the award “Oscar” Europe 2020 and convince

And suddenly appeared in the rain the city of Angels at the same time the night is more important than Hollywood gala Awards “Oscar” 2020. On the red carpet was desfilado a lot of famous people from the world of cinema and stars that makes some of the most famous Actresses in the moment to glow with its own light. There are, however, another side to the coin also were the pictures which have caused otherwise, coronándose as worse in the evening. Whether it’s the fault of the makeup, hairstyle, manicure or amount of factors, and these were celebrities what less shone this night.

Blac Chyna and her makeup thick brush (in the “50 shades of Beige”)

Blac Chyna Face Oscar

If the piercing in her neckline, hair style, Betty Boop, or a makeup that reminds us of the wrist – and not in a good way. We don’t know what was Blac Chyna on the red carpet of the award “Oscar” for 2020, but I gathered, to lead the list of the worst images of the evening-and I’m not exaggerating-.

Mane layer “Aurora”

Aurora Oscar 2020

He was one of the heroes of “the red carpet”, but not in the best relations. The singer gave Aurora to speak with her eyes, and her mane layers, covered with a kind of tiara XL, eyebrow color and makeup Albin absent-except for a few parts of dark red color on the sides of her eyes.

In a non-existent bangs Regina King

Regina King

Hair style Regina king did not get in this time: we left at least the bangs or hair with less memory.

A circlet woven from America Ferrara

America Ferrara's Oscar Look

We don’t understand very well the role of head band braided with America Ferrara, but I just wasn’t in the suit in the end.

No, he raised romantic Catalina Chrissy Metz

Catalina Chrissy Metz Oscar, Mane

Just long hair loose Catalina Chrissy Metz has not convinced us, in her opinion. this type of neckline asks the cry raised one romantic and simple, and tie under it would be all right.

Little originality Margaret Qualley

Margaret Qualley Oscar Look

We worship Margaret Qualley, but this night came back, how can abandon the hair is saw Chanel dress in black color -you can always choose the class look – up and collected on the basis of a braid that did not beat with mood collateral. Was it something that did not glow with its own light, and left us a little bluf.

Kok XXL, Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Oscar Hairstyle

We know that Salma Hayek has a mane of fine, but today, screwed back into a high ponytail size XXL, reminded us hairstyle for prom in the 90-ies. One of a kind, really, I’ve seen unflattering, the actress has not earned.

The nails are very long Billy Eilish

Billy Eilish Manicure Oscar

The singer all night on the red carpet of the award “Oscar” in 2020. Billy Eilish was faithful to his particular (and extreme) style, so much so that his mane is two-tone black and neon green drew attention, although not because their nails are very long Punta square and surmounted by a stone, rhinestone.

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