What he eats Karlie Kloss in one day

Update 23/08/2018 14:32

Breakfast is solid and rich, vegetable proteins and vegetable to eat, snacks, energy and light dinner that’s not far from what the media is eating this morning… and Yes, “whims”, as some cookies and healthy, and dark chocolate within the hour. We learned why eating model Karlie Kloss in a single day.

Drinks from Jennifer Lopez to maintain his stately figure, diet Victoria Beckham to be more subtle, and tricks, Elle MacPherson, to wear skin and the inside screen its enviable anything desdeables 54 year of life, or diet Bridget Macro, which lacks more than 10 vegetables and fruits every day… we’re fans of the spy through the window in the Instagram eating celebrities and models to be good and always slender.

Although, if it’s a top, who is now in the spotlight, because in the house prximamente, she Karlie Kloss whom it was made Joshua Kushner and never ceases to reap the fruits of success as an entrepreneur (in particular his famous Carly’s Cookies or top healthy cookies that are sold around the world).

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Well, we’re talking about what you eat during the day, to have such energy without hunger away. And it turned out that top was always very open at the time to understand what you eat, and, of course, entails a variety of dishes, but very “clean” and always with green components and the most ecological possible.

If you think that the models take only tea, coffee or, in the case of Carly, you are wrong. Model us start the day with scrambled egg whites with avocado and Tabasco sauce, with coffee and almond milk. Here, in more than one occasion, assured that is not in the diet of certain foods, but choose something more healthy, and the foods that make you feel good.

Sometimes starts the day with a green smoothie with milk, almonds, vanilla, frozen banana, almond oil, natural, seed, cha, spinach and spirulina to wear in the days of more in a hurry.

Molly Rieger, nutritionist Karlie Kloss he assured that each of your meals contain ingredients that help saciarte and not starve, to not make the team or fast food. “All meals contain fiber, vegetables or fruits, protein such as meat, but also nuts, Greek yogurt, or vegetables and the ratio of healthy fats like avocado, nuts, seeds or salmon”, showed Rieger on the diary (Daily Mail).

And at the same time, an expert in nutrition top, ensures that at least includes a portion of vegetables at each meal and the food is not enough stuffing as seeds cha or camouflage, rich in protein, which increase the nutritional values of each meal. And betting on salads, always very complete and almost always with avocado, which he loves and is rich in good fats.

As well, the founder Carly’s Cookies or cookies that bear his name, the model is not the refusal to accept meals between hours and always have something between the food and the food. “I always carry almonds, apples and a package of oatmeal in all directions and I also like all that take dark chocolate”said many, many times.

What keeps Karlie Kloss for lunch or dinner is a formula, fish or lean meat and vegetables. And, of course, in regards to dessert, is a fan of homemade biscuits as your flour, almonds, chocolate, black, gluten free oats and syrup Knew as sweetener and a few ounces of dark chocolate to go to sleep.