Ana María Orozco. How he won the role of Betty, the ugly


The soap opera Betty, la fea it was released in October of 1999 in Colombia and was created by Fernando Gaitán, although it was a production that at the beginning not a lot of budget that did not stop the months later, was one of the most viewed in the countryThanks to this, he began to transfer, in different places such as Mexico.

In I am Betty, the ugly the the main role was played by the actress Ana Maria Orozcowho gained worldwide fame. Thanks Betty, la feaAna Maria Orozco was able to devote to his acting career, however in the process, stay with the role of Beatriz Pinzón Solano was not easysince the actress has commented that he took several Casting parts.

Below, we tell you as Orozco was the main role got one of the soap operas more successfully.

In an interview with the Colombian program BravissimoAna María Orozco contó what was the process to choose who would give life Betty, la fea.

“At the time, I was in my career and with a lot of enthusiasm to the work, always ready, and all of a sudden a casting and was an amazing character. I started to imagine and prepare for it, it was a long process of Casting partsseveral weeks ago,” said the actress.

The protagonist mentioned that she I already had the idea of how I wanted to look, more Betty.

“I agree more or less with the idea of the character and how I imagined it and it stay a was. This is very clearly written, so it was easy to be inspired,” he said.

On the other hand, he recalled that the casting was difficult because we had to interpret, the Betty-beautiful and ugly.

“It was not easy, the casting was divided into two parts: the first one was ugly and the beautiful. I don’t know, I knew what it would be like to change that, it was very risky, a main character is ugly, but that was the hard part. In the linda a few divine women were pouring through, was the part where she doubted and according to studies with other characters, such as it was,” Ana María Orozco.

Ana María Orozco also said in the interview that she had been the one to cling to the idea of Betty a couple ofwhich she did, with a paper, presented at the hearing.

To do “the work as an actor, the search is, it is an exercise and pleasure, as you try. Comes with the proposal, it was, and after it was polished. I have some brackets with aluminum foil, but I had the picture,” he said.

In The Program The story behind the myththe journalist Graciela Torres mentioned that in addition to the staples, Ana María Orozco had the idea of using a lens of the bottom of the bottle and to add that hairstyle as an own character.

“You won because you put parentheses on the curly hair and the glasses at the bottom of the bottle, and she was the one that was created and not invented to Betty, la fea, because Anna Maria is ugly. This description made him win,” said the journalist Graciela Torres.

The Success Of Betty, la fea

In an interview for Bravissimothe actress said that despite the fact that the character of Betty has increased its popularity and success, I can’t recording in the enjoyment of this Phase, due to the busy hours the soap-opera.

“At this point we were recording an average of 18 hours per day, Saturdays and holidays, soon it starts boom because of the gifts and begins the madness, but we nailed the recording, we were beginning to feel it. We were dead tired, it was a year and ten months, the last months, we were almost in the air, and a record at the time had that, the rest was not to sleep a little, well,” added the actress.

He commented that the success of the soap opera, what can you expectbut neither they nor the other actors involved in the Betty, believeto what they enjoyed at the time.

“We never thought something so crowded, within the same production, no one was prepared, it was a thing that we can override to all ( … ) Unfortunately, everything that doesn’t arrive me outside, well, because I was at work, stressed out and dog tired. Requirements had been could the I meet, I exhausted a lot and it was very difficult, if you are not able to get out on the road,” said the protagonist Betty, la fea.