Be? Mhoni said the seer before the death of the famous singer in grupero


Once ms, fortune-teller, ms, some in Mexico, Mhoni Seer it is a conversation topic in the world of shows, in order to ensure that the Death Visit a famous singer genre grupero.

A couple of the, the Cuban confes that, during this month, the situation in the world will not improve, and it shows a strong tsunami that was registered in Asia; in fenmeno natural influence on some of the Coasts of America.

In Mexico, Mhoni Seer ensure that the Earthquake continuarn, but none of them pose a danger to our country.

Mhoni Seer ensure that a recognized singer to die in a terrorist attack against them, apparently the victim be born, in Sinaloa and Chihuahua.

Without many details, the fortune teller detail, that the name of the alleged victim starts with “J” or “A”, and so that immediately the speculation began.

From: Edition Digital-The Herald Mexico


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