Cecilia Romo suffers cardiac arrest; recording is in the emergency room of the hospital


Cecilia Romo it will take approx. three months fighting for his lifeafter getting covid-19; last Thursday, her daughter Claudia Romo Edelman he revealed that the actress was discharged and was at home after 90 days of intensive therapy. However, this Saturday, the famous She was in a hospital emergency room after suffering cardiac arrest.

Through their stories on Instagram, the daughter of Cecilia Romo it was reported that the actress was in very delicate health, and was back to the hospital, emergency, he also urged his followers pray for the speedy recovery of your mother.

“I’m in the Medical the South, in an emergency, my mother is a cardiac arrest, please, pray with me, Ceci Romo capture life, and I have to pray all of Mexico, please help me,” he said Claudia Romo in a video that you have recorded, in the hospital.

At the beginning of April it became known that the first actress had tested positive to the test for coronavirus. Since then Cecilia Romo very bad health condition because according to the overcoming of the covid-19, the Operation was more than five times.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you ???? After 90 days, you made it, you are out of the ICU and in the house with me. Your body is weak of body, but her spirit is strong, she has lost a lot of weight, but she is with her family now and get the treatments she needs for a full recovery. — I can’t begin to explain how hard it was emotionally and economically for all, but if something is not clear to us, now, is that you give much to and we need to learn a lot from her. This is the reason why at the end of this year we will publish your book — if this story gave you something during this 90 days, please, please support us and order in advance https://www.ceciromoeditorialutrilla.com/preventa/ . . Thank you, thank you, thank you ???? After 90 days, Ceci made Romo, is now out of intensive therapy and at home with his family. Your body is still weak, but her spirit is very strong, has lost a lot of weight, but getting the treatments you need for a full recovery. — I can’t begin to explain how difficult it is emotionally and financially for the whole family, if something is not clear to us now is that Ceci Romo still has a lot to give, a lot to tell and we have much to learn from him, that’s why towards the end of the year we will publish your book — if you are during this 90 days, this story has given you something, please help us out and buy pre-sale here https://www.ceciromoeditorialutrilla.com/preventa/

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A few days ago, the daughter of Cecilia Romo mentioned that the actress lost 30 pounds, and that the virus left him with sequelae, which is why it will be necessary to various repairs.

“It is a woman who lost 30 pounds, lost muscle strength, can not move his legs and has difficulty speaking, to restorations of all -, physics -, stomach -, in all the senses, and most of all, the renovation of love,” said the daughter of the actress in an interview Window.

Who is Cecilia Romo is?

Cecilia Romo he participated in various projects on the screen, both girls great, stand out among those The second air, Chains of bitterness, Living out of time, Women-killer and I swear that I love you. It also has the occupation incorporated some of the works as The cage of the insane or Hello, Dolly!