“I have no idea when I’ll get back to work,” says Tom Hanks in the middle of a pandemic


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, is very expensive, which interacted with their fans on social networks.

Text: Jasmine Gomez Fleitas (@jazgomezf)

A lot of content to share on social networks associated with music. Your playlists are in all directions, and often there are unanticipated situations. When given information about the first cases of a star with Covid-19, one of them hit hard: a couple of actors, including Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson was sick, working in Australia.

Tom was to make a film about Elvis —not the official name, and what does the Manager, artist; Rita has presented at the Sydney Opera Hall. In the midst of a quarantine was carried out, Rita wrote order: I need help to make a list of songs to cope with the isolation. Tuiteros the world responded to his call and choice to the community name playlist and each of the questions included in its composition.

The winner was Rita Verde Quarantunes, list that a little more than 15 days has gained more than 40 000 likes. The songs that are part of it will be shades, including: Tired of being alone Al Green, All by myself show Celine Dion If I could turn back time Cher, I’m still standing Elton John I will survive Gloria Gaynor, Survivor Destiny’s Child, Don’t stand so close to me The Police, etc. But it’ll know if it’s the style, isn’t it?

Many artists also give concerts live threads among them, Alejandro Sanz and Juanes together or challenge #TogetherAtHome Global Citizen, which was attended by Chris Martin from Coldplay, John Legend, The Lumineers, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, Camilla Hair, and more.

At the local level, channel, Gene, started online campaign #MusicaParaQuedarseEnCasa Paraguayans inviting singers to join in and share in the network, there joined Roland Chaparro, Andrea Valobra, Luigi Manzoni, among others. As other have decided to make in my life in Facebook, as in the Czech Republic, in the Cities or Instagram bolaños, to accompany people in their homes and instarlas to join social exclusion.

Play Rita Wilson

Illustrators also contributed their part during the quarantine. Local artists like Lucas Mendoza (b) and the collective Line Ten steel by the drawings that were invited to reflect on time. Later, with the expansion of the quarantine In Grupor presented a challenge, which encouraged other educators to carry out the posters for entrepreneurs, to help them promote their products during delivery and quarantine. Thus, it was supported by the illustration for the pantry, home delivery of food, sellers of fruits and vegetables, carpenters, veterinarians and more.

As well as illustrators in the world like Johanna Basford dedicated to drawing, coloring, and upheld its part, releasing the templates for painting on site johannabasford.com/instagram. The state of Chow —Illustrator, specialized in portraits, working at the New Yorker— shared, some drawings that attract your daily life, at home, during the quarantine.

Movement artists and illustrators Paraguayans.

Although it is difficult to believe, that’s not all, information and updates pertaining covid-19. Another strategy to keep us clear skies and free from unnecessary information that is associated with our favorite artists. For example, Thanks Graynor has posted a video, wash hands), after I will survive ?????????? singing. Brandon flowers did the same with the classic Mr. Brightsidefor all fans of The Killers.

Other social network that works to relax the mind, Tik Tok, is much used by teenagers that in a few seconds, depict scenes from pop culture. A lot of YouTubers, and actors or Actresses joined her for a long time, and others, have used this quarantine to do it.

Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, has devoted his spare time to climb the choreography, while Mariah Carey has made a funny video with children.