Karlie Kloss and Ivanka trump, cuñadas rivals and become the Princess of America

Ivanka Trump this is, for many, the ‘new Princess of America”, as his father, Donald Trumpcome to the White House. His popularity increased, and the impact that has on her very powerful parents, such that even came to overshadow his stepmother, Melania. However, faced with a powerful enemy: the model Karlie Kloss.


The angel of the prestigious lingerie company ‘Victoria’s Secret’ by 2015, Karlie Kloss, noted on the covers and runways around the world for their beauty and natural sympathy. Now earns two, in addition, to be a bride Joshua Kushner, brother of Jared, who, in turn, the husband from Ivanka trump. What makes the model “cuñadísima’ new Princess of America as well as in bones are hard to chew because of their political beliefs.

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Carly and blue ribbon against the mass deportation of migrants

Ivanka trump and Karlie Kloss
Ivanka trump and Karlie Kloss image from file / Gtres

In the past we could see on the red carpet in “Oscar”. Carly posed in a photo shoot with ?????????? white dress Stella Mckartney and bow blue on their thighs, which has to fight against the deportation and mass Trump the veto of the immigration service of the President. The message was simple and did not go unnoticed for Ivanka.

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In reivindicativo “blue ribbon”, you should add a few other movements and causes that, as Carly as her fiance, demanded publicly. For example, in support of Hillary Clinton on social networks during the last presidential campaign, or the presence of his fiancé in mass March of women, Washington, at a meeting held a few hours before his brother jurara post as presidential adviser in the White House. Last visit mannequin in Spain, as friend confides in US Embassy James Costsand your partner, designer Michael S. Smith it was also interpreted as a challenge to the administration trump.

Her boyfriend, Joshua Kushner, a well-known entrepreneur and investor

Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner
Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner at the picture from a file / Gtres

Values that fight with the radical Republican President and his daughter Ivanka and compete in popularity with “new Princess of America.” In fact, in social networks claim as the absolute winner in the “cuñadísima’, Carly, adding to the followers of the daughter of trump. Will for its beauty, its recognition as a model, or just his picture, but the fact that Karlie Kloss is about six and a half million followers, from three and a half Ivanka.

And that’s not all. Although the data show that business fashion Ivanka has grown exponentially since then, trump will come to the White House, Karlie Kloss and her boyfriend reach in places professionally: not only has she achieved a ‘headers’ prestigeVogue Paris announced as one of the thirty best models of the 2000, but, in addition, Joshua, the owner of Vostu and Thrive Capital invested in the projects success as the ‘Oscar’, the company’s life insurance, and ‘Camp’, technology platform for investment which is used to advise.

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Ivanka and Carly, duel height. That he will be able to snatch ‘in cuñadísima’ name ‘the new Princess of America”, daughter trump?