Karlie Kloss, tired of being “too fat or too thin”


Karlie Kloss he admitted during Festival in Cannes
how cannot be chosen two
works. The reasons are
while one, believed to be too thin,
seen in the second too thick.

Model with 57kg and of 1.87, height –like, of course
that it does not affect these comments: “I don’t want to like anyone
more than myself”
– said a top model.

Carly wanted to say that it’s dangerous that this type
requirements from the Agency, who, without knowing it, in many cases, they
as a result, the woman ceases to be comfortable with your body. Not to mention the young models who are just looking for a place in
industry and they are ready to adapt to the requirements of each brand, though
this will lead to the surrender of their bodies changes can affect your health.