Michelle Rodriguez sold DONUTS at home, in the CRISIS of Covid-19

The Comedian Michelle Rodriguez be revealed through a difficult time living in your situation economic because it was left without work to sell by the Covid-19, which led to donuts to address to move forward.

The actress also adds to the some of stars that have had to turn to the business of the Eat to go forward, in the face of the health crisis from Covid-19-and the hits the industry show.

Michelle Rodriguez was involved in works of theatre Chicago and Ishowever, they had to be suspended due to the health emergency.

The work is very valuable, and I think that we need to rethink a lot of situation, work-sharing-alternatives, each of which has already, because I sell up I donuts.

In an interview via video call, the comedian explained that he sold the donuts with the help of his mother, and that adequate measures have been taken hygiene in order to prevent the spread of the virus and Infections.

On the other hand, said the actress, who up to the moment, he does not know whether the theatre after the public health emergency.

It’s not something we know yet, and it is complicated because we have to be together. It will still wait for this answer.

By: Writing A Digital Herald Mexico