Monarchs, Ministers, and Yes, Valencia Plaza

Estació del Nord. Fortunately, that burns, it is good that we will always have a real Family, walking along the beach in Valencia, ordering a paella in La Pepica and ice cream, Xixona; “Good” or ” Dating entrepreneurs and delivery National Design awardI should say that. And that in recent weeks the Royal Family start battery if we are talking about visits to places with sun and beach.

Photo:Reef Molina

If a week ago we did IVF in the quaint images of people who were left on the island of Gran Canaria, and together with it and all trace of the virus in the network, since the visit of Valencia community this week is not beyond the radar on social networks, and left a “jewelry cosmetics” in social networks Mallow de estació del Nord or on the Levante beach in Benidorm, like the script, the same.

As often happens, the visit of the Kings, as a rule, creates some confusion, or interesting, important to the crown or the adherents thereto. In the end step of the monarchy in Spain always leaves its mark, and what better way to do it with the right shoes. So, must think of is tuitero that will not hesitate to put a King are the latest trend in shoes: Slippers Lidl. (open picture tweet).

And that go networks revolucionadas because the German network had the idea to make a series of business products that wash in various European countries and already have for resale on the Internet application for the price, you do not have in stock. So only on paper, as complex use benefit values of the brand as a complaint, and you pick up on the kistch limited edition that cause the desire is so available, it is impossible from-for absence of offers. Who oppose Slippers with the colors and logo of “Lidl”? Why about, but the beach? Well, a few white socks? No. At the bottom, we all want to look like outfits like Rosalia.

Casal-Spain Arena

We Mercadona and Lidl, well, Valencia Basket and a new plant now being built in Valencia. Not only had a few reviews and recordings on twitter that the new insfraestructura called this week, the name chosen at the discretion of the promoter: Casal-Spain Arena. The item that became the object of criticism in social networks with the instruction of the government, town hall of Valencia, which is considered the most appropriate initial ‘Valencia Sand’ to include the name of the city, including.

It was hysteria that all ediles from Compromís city hall– the mayor included,” shared in their social networks, various online publications, since, in his opinion, contrary to the decision of named and identified hahstag #VolemValenciaArena. For sample, here always post controversial Giusseppe Grezzi.

‘Gimme tha power”

With my side of the pavilion Vistalegre, all we can before they stop The Power. Well, to explain his Ministers Montero and Diaz. Both petan, empowering… and make great shots assists parliamentarians in meme-virus running like a fire, and changes the background depending on the case. It depends on the purpose tuitero that cace. It all started with a tweet describing ‘Gimme tha power” (sic) of Paul for the Church to recognize good, as in coalition government with BUT and it was picked up on Twitter, thanks to the cry of his faithful.

One of flattery, which confirms the trust and recognition of their true shapes, Irene Montero and Yolanda Diaz, with the latter the latest discoveries in the MEDIA training headquarters that was good grenade in battle and parliamentary replica of prior portfolio work. Here shows, you can get imaginary popularity.

But, like everyone else, for a lot of what the case looks the door from the outside, it is clear that, as in all families there are things that are better to remove from the door inside. This includes the alleged “lessons of journalism’ that the learning environment headquarters”, the purpose of which is professional as Vicente Valles, via tweets like a spear Paul Echenique, or, for example, all the media were right, sewage Villarejo, maps for your Dina Bousselham and Paul Church.

Anna Peleteiro and Galicia green

And don’t forget two things. The first of them is that this “new normal’ there are rules to follow to avoid new germs, like those that are executed in certain places-Bars, and beaches, and everything in the world, but desmadres little. And the second, but it doesn’t seem that the elections in the Basque Country and in Galicia, so political speeches that we meet these days can have a unique approach, and with him “zascas’ as an athlete Galician Anna Peleteiro Vox leader, Santiago Abascal, with reference to his land: “Galicia”.

What is obvious that Peleteiro, not wanting to play a more bog policy, gave the triple jump, the most controversial and the media, his career And never will due to the lack of sporting success – I understand that the athlete came out very airosa on the response given by the hashtag #GaliciaesVerde guided training, which was attended bouts and received things that happen on Twitter) managed to justify their position and defend it on his official account.

Daughter, son, and nephew Peter lim

Already in the end, we will be talking about Who, Park and Joe. Who would say that these three names had so much head pain, the suffering, Hobbies Valencia, because they are not the players. The first two children are Peter lim (owner of “Valencia”) and, thirdly, nephew. So, this week put more interaction in social networks that each party or sour the computer on the lawn.

We can say that the sequence of events rocambolesca: a week of strips for the coach, he will be Sports Director, and then the absurdity, the daughter of the boss of the attack on fans “Valencia”, from his Instagram. We did intentionally.

But the show is not just that. Hours after slipping off his sister, appears on the scene his brother Park LimYes, less phlegmatic, his sister and Instragram using, leaves the conversation with the journalist-Vincent-Puerto Ordaz, who speaks much evil of joint stock companies, sports.

Like everything from the cinematic success that is better than the trilogy, to perpetuate in the memory of the team. So, he jumped the news that Peter lim will order his nephew quickly to Valencia Joe– formation and a close distance to see, as they say, the subject computer, bought in order to manage Football Manager and earn, sell, and do all that is in the universe of football. View a development, but if the modern descendants of the Lim, great evenings, tweets and posts in Instagram, waiting for us.