‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6 – release date and all we know from the bi-bi-si

Some days that bi-bi-si have released the latest episode of the fifth season of ‘Peaky Blinders”, which arrived in Spain from the hands of Netflix this Friday, October 4th. Many people want to know what your future holds Tommy Shelby and the rest of the clan, and now we will do a review all that is known about season 6 ‘Peaky Blinders’.



The fifth season ends with Tommy Shelby on the verge of suicide. For six episodes, somewhat less than indicated, that is was fate, but we doubt much that it will be the end for the character played Cillian Murphy. In addition, extremely Renaissance Tom Hardy (Tom Hardy it is clear that even one shot in the head and he will ensure his death.

In fact, Anthony Byrne, Director of this season, stressed that what we saw, without ceasing to be Part of one of the two. Everything is moving in this direction, and in the sixth season, will speak to give a decision. Do not forget it flooded anímicamente Arthur or that Polly decided to present their failures.

What we know for sure is that we family Ginathe woman , Michael. Let’s see what will be the plan B that links, is also in the air, there is a chance that his mother has a face Julia Roberts. His possible involvement in a series of leaked a few months ago, and the Knight gave to understand that in conversations with her…


Stephen Graham

All the main characters of the series, which continues the life admitted to the sixth season, so you can expect to see Murphy, Helen Mccrory (Polly), Paul Anderson (Arthur), Sophie Rundle (Ada), Finn Cole (Michael), Sam Clafin (Molesley), Natasha O’keeffe (Lizzie), Harry Kirton (Finn), Anya Taylor-Joy (Gina) -which will be much greater next season – and Brian Gleason (McCavern).

Probably, but I’m not sure, came back, Tom hardy (Alfie), Annabelle Wallis (Grace) and Kate Phillips (Linda). In addition, Knight has confirmed the signing Stephen Grahambut not in order to give life to al Capone as her rumoreó initially.


Murphy Byrne

UPDATE: Steven knight confirmed that he had already finished writing season six and promised that he is the best so far.

Anthony Byrnethe Director’s fifth of the season and will be the first politician who sends to two types of phenomena, Recalling also the sixth, said in an interview given to GQ that he will work seriously, a new series in November this year, and the plan is to start shooting in early 2020.

UPDATE 30 Nov 2020: Byrne confirmed that the preparations have already begun. It is planned that the shooting download the 11 Feb this year.

Release date


It is patience, since bi-bi-si led ad, or about when we will see the sixth season of ‘Peaky Blinders’. Byrne so I ventured to predict that the wait can take up to at the beginning of 2021. He did it with no rounded ever, so I hope to see a new Chapter so early.



Still the test has not even started, so we can part watch the trailer for several months. In addition, the first advance, the fifth season was released a little less than a month before its premiere. That no one will be surprised if we have more than a year with virtually no message ‘Peaky Blinders’…

The future of the series

Steven Knight

Steven Knight I noticed at the time, it is most likely that the series has seven seasons and maybe a movie right after. Yes, their original plan was to close the “Peaky Blinders” after five seasons, so there is always the possibility that I would end up changing. At this time have already started to talk about a possible spin-off…