So the career of Danny Perea, the villain has a life of I

Without a doubt, one of the soap operas with the greatest success since “the life I give”, and that is that in more than 75 chapters, the story of ‘Peter’ (Jose Ron) and ‘Elena’ (Eve Cedeño) has managed to woo the audiences with its intrigue, and scenes filled with action and romance.

But one of the faces that attracts attention is that the Danny Pereathe one who gives life, “Gina”, one of the appear as the villains of the melodrama. What few people know is that the actress has a long history, which not Opera, only a series of soap; also movie and also many years in the comedy.

I'll give you the life of the novel

Danny he made his debut in the year 2003as he was barely 17 years old, in the Film, ‘southpaw’ and the program ‘XHDRBZ’on the side of the comedian, and producer Eugenio Derbez.

However, his jump to fame would come a year later, as a in 2004, she starred in the Mexican film “temporada de patos”and his performance was so well received, both by critics than by the public, in the same year won the Ariel award for best actress.

The movie temporada de patos

In July 2005Actress it was called for Derbez the participation in the series of the Comedy ” neighbors‘plays the rebellious ‘Alejandra Lopez Perez’, papel, catapulted him on national television and the fact he wins the affection of the public.

Neighbors Series

Danny has proven himself to be an actress, multi-faceted, to the horror of the exchange of comedy ; and that is that in 2007, he participated in the reissue of the band’s ‘Even the wind is afraidon the side of Martha Higareda, Mónica Dionne, and Fernando Luján (q. e. p. d….).

Film the wind and the fear

After several movie projects, Perea, he tried his hand at soap operas on ‘To love again’, a story that empedraba to women and in which the actress has ‘Jenny’, a young girl who grew up in a traditional family, the missed life, when their parents separate. In this project of Roberto Gómez Fernández has achieved great success, and Danny was once again in the public taste.

She played Jenny

For the year 2018, the actress returned to the big screen with the horror film “the tenant”, where she shared credits with Zuria Vega and Erik Elias; despite the fact that the Band had not the desired success, criticism, benefits, Danny, but, unfortunately, had to spend a couple of years, so that we could see again in another project.

Film The Tenant

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