‘The sheep’ Nava suffers from a terrible accident on a motorcycle; users to make sure that the case was ‘Fabiruchis’


  • Juan Carlos ‘El Borrego’ Nava, suffered a terrible accident on a motorcycle.

  • Via social networking, the driver receives greetings and good mood.

  • Twitter users suspect that ‘sheep’ is not an accident motociclístico and the wounds that you have are the physical shock with tipped someone.

Mexico City.- The driver and presenter, Mexican, Juan Carlos ‘El Borrego’ Navahe suffered a terrible accident on a motorcycle, the users, however, claim that it was a case ‘Fabiruchis’.

Via social networking, the driver’s greetings and good vibes after suffering an accident motociclístico that left the face very Hit.

Thank God I am well, thank you for the examples of love.. it was an accident (bike) but I’m still standing. As the song says,” said the driver on his Twitter account, where he posted a few photos in which we can observe the bruises that he left the accident.

The accident has him leaving the program temporarily The “Generation X”the leads with Sandra Quiroz, Edna Monroy, Viviana Martinez and Mariazel.

It is worth noting, the reports that Juan Carlos received more than Scratch, Wounds, and swelling in the accident, but could two broken ribs.

However, some users of Twitter suspect that ‘The sheep’ to suffer an accident motociclístico and the wounds that you have are the physical shock tipped someone, how is he in the release that the joint Juan José Origel from his official Twitter account.

We ARE a FABIRUCHIS. Sure, you can beat and don’t want to say”. “That’s not right, someone hit him”, can be read.

With information from El Universal.


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