These songs of the year (excluding festivals or festivals)

What songs, domestic and foreign, which we will in a loop during the holidays? We made the choice to mountains, a concert in the house

Update 05/07/2020 09:31

This summer anomalous in that the beaches are empty, and left us without concerts, without holidays and without vervain how to find out what it is the song of the summer? Music reproduces throughout the year, and so we chose, thank you Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and TikTokfive tracks that will be played back at any time within the next two months. What is your favorite?

Not expected the song of the summer! My friends and I, we talked about this. And that song of the year-it’s a secret. Early drives punk we thought it was easy, and the legendary ice-cream ads. Track, he was talking on the beach, on radio, on TV… until we went to the head. I would even say-cogías mania! From Macarena for the Shark going through the Pump, the Dancing, were you or I Aserejé.

Today there are many ways to know the songs I heard, but who knows SONG in the summer? Based on the most repeatedly Spotify, most, posted to YouTube, with the most frequently used TikTok and our taste in music (I do not deny), then our offer:

This is, without doubt, one of the what they can do year. For those who have Instagram and TikTok determines which often protected video and storiesand in addition, is the number one in the charts: earn half a million views in Spotify. “After what he lived for a time bitter it’s time to fill the world with sweet”: this is just a reflection Ozuna face to release his new song.

At the global level, Rosalia, one of my favorite Spanish and international, will be heard around the world with a song ???along with Travis Scott, who for the entire summer. Wins positions in the lists of both domestic and international, and that this song is one of cooperation, the expected (after joining others as Ozuna, J Balvin or James Blake), it’s about reguetón-urban that sounds just aggressive and to order “for the clubs”, as Anna promised.

We don’t like, but success is success and we can’t quite place it. A Remix of the original song Nio Garcia, who made Anuel AA and Myke Towers sounds are everywhere, and he was ousted by the Cuban revolution in a different room one questioned and doubtful, Guideprivate Anuel AA. The letter is irreproducible (we have already discussed the problems with Opera reguetón in this article), but we understand that the rhythm is, at least, memorable.

The new chart group Varry Brava, the state of the disk Cheesepromises to be one of the main heard of the year. Track buenrollista and fun, we are conveying a positive message of confidence to get rid of the paralysis of “what will people say” and to live as we like”. Message from respect for diversity to make the world healthy, away from bad vibrations and prejudice. The melody of the song blends perfectly with the letter and invites us to dream and to be what we want to be that nobody can break the wings. You’re perfect for this year so different!

We know it’s not new, and that Pau Donés released this song in 2003. But his sad death caused not only become one of the main heard and that, in particular, Beautifulwe remember that life is beautiful. The perfect time to get it back as song of summer: “Good day / And only starts / Beautiful life / Breathing, breathing, breathing.”

Safaerafrom Bad Bunny, Jowell & Randy, our new film Flow

Tusafrom Larol G and Nicki Minaj

Thousands Of Tequilafrom Chema Rivas

– Hello, Dearfrom Nyno Vargas and Omar Mountains

??????????from Fred de Palma, Ana MENA

PAMfrom Justin Quiles, Daddy Yankee and alpha

Guidefrom Anuel AA

PA lifeDon Patricio and Mozart

Spanish group Barry Brava.
Spanish group Barry Brava.Hook Management.