Victoria’s Secret: the first campaign with model of large size


After it was announced a few months ago Valentine’s Day Sampaio as the first model is a transgender in posing for Victoria’s Secretthe brand now bet on a new course which is hand signed in lingerie British Bluebella.

Victoria’s Secret he still tends to diversitythis time with a new campaign, conceived in women ‘lush’in which presented for the first time models of large dimensions.

It UNITED States Ali Tate Cutler who plays a major role in a new project with a famous brand and, by the way, is becoming a more attractive place to work, which leads to to leave behind the stereotypes.

With the help of social networking, Victoria’s Secret introduced the campaign of the collection, which will be used in their stores, which is moving with the label #BluebellaForVS and that, in addition to Tate, other models in different sizes.

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Also, Ali Tate also shared with his followers some images involved in this project, which feels very proud.

I think that the first model is a size 14 Victoria’s Secret? Regardless, I am very pleased to work with the brand that idolatraba when I was a teenager, is a big step in the right direction for body”, – wrote in his Instagram account.

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In another publication, the model makes a deeper consideration of the process that led to feeling comfortable with your body.

Never realized that my body, when I was younger because I never thought that people actually that he looked at me and noticed that she was proud. I thought that if no one confesses, no one will notice. Then when I started to model ‘big’, I had many conflicting feelings, because everyone knew what it was that was hiding. The best start to occur after models the time and I started to watch models in large sizes that they were very beautiful. The schedule in my mind began to change, and I realized that I can be too beautiful at any size,” he said.

At the moment Ali Tate Cutler will not work directly for Victoria’s Secretbut only this capsule collection.

In addition to this campaign the model shared in their social networks pictures other projects in which he participated.


Those of General Ali Tate (@ali_tate_cutler) 21 Jun 2019 10:47 PDT