What proves love? A gentle message from Natti Natasha Raphy Pina

Dominican singer Natti Natasha removed the doubt about who is the owner of your heart, and in their social networks ordered affectionate greeting to her producer and Manager, Raphy Pina, on her birthday, implying that there is a relationship, moreover, between them.

Natti Natasha and Pina hAN had countless times seen together, not because of travel related to work but also enjoy time in a heavenly direction, feeding the question about the possibility of romance.

Natti Natasha wrote on his Instagram, “my partner in crime. He who does not have reverse, when offered, things. He told me once that we are going against the wind and waves, and that we are going to achieve. When the people who surround you have the same vision and the same passion that you do, the result will always be positive in all respects.”

There are many singers in the genre of urban referred to the connection between them, nombrándolos in their songs and make cartoons, not protected this was about something personal Union.

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