Who are the youtubers will be paid in Mexico on the best and how much do you earn?

Without a doubt, the youtubers in Mexico a special place in the social networks and the occupy in the world entertainmentas each of its contents immediately be viral.

However, the hundreds of thousands of followers YouTube I wondered how much profits are a generator of content on this social network, and in Mexico, the best paid.

According to a study by Social buckets, the youtubers Mexicans are able to make significant cash income, although there are some paid the best in the world. Here we present the list:

The youtuber Mexican account with more than 32 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, so that it is estimated that it will generate income sufficient to 49.7 thousand dollars to 785.5 thousand dollars per month.

One of the most famous of the moment, Kimberly Loaiza income, ranging from 10.3 billion dollars to the 164 thousand dollars a month.

The driver “behind The wheel” to record gains ranging from 3.7 thousand 59.3 thousand US dollars.

The expert in make-up and a turnover of 1.3 billion dollars from 20.6 thousand dollars per month,

From: Edition Digital-The Herald Mexico


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