Who Is Kanye West? What is the significance of his status with Kim Kardashian?

Singer Kanye West he stated on 4 July that postulará to the presidents of the United States.

In a message on Twitter, the musician said: “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States

West, the husband of the star Kim Kardashian and those who are the parents of four children, was not required to get support for their fans and friends multimillionaires, as Elon Musk.

Singer-songwriter and fashion designer is one of the stars that more money won last year, according to “Forbes”.

West43 , devengo $ 170 milliona product of its contract with Adidas, the company that released their Yeezy line of shoes and sportswear

And this year, Kanye will expand your horizons, because a few days ago announced that it will release its own line of beauty tied to makeup products and hair care products.

What about the other business?

The singer’s record label “Good Music”, worth about 90 million dollars (80 million euros).

Kim and Kanye, a couple of millionaires

His wife Kim Kardashian there KKW Beauty, the line of beauty, which contains make-up base, lipsticks, eye shadows and brushes, which has four millions of followers in social networks and, according to “Forbes” in the past year $ 100 million.

Kylie, sister-in-law young millionaire

Her daughter-in-law, Kylie Jenner, started with investment of $ 250,000 success line lips in 2016, consisted of dozens of products, and a year later Forbes posicionaba in post 59 from the stars fortunately, after calculating that he had entered into approximately 41 million dollars (36.5 million euros).

In the end, the cosmetic giant Coty acquired a 51% Kylie Cosmetics.

Kanye, a lover of the wild West

In early June it became known that e}l rapper settled in a small town in the wild West about 10 000 inhabitants, where he bought ranch 4.5 hectares where, as the report “the new York times,” is recording its ninth Studio album.

The environment, notes that West moved to the city Cody in Wyoming, where he argues that it is a way of life, food and visits to some local companies, as Mcdonald ‘ s or at Best Western chain of hotels.

The musician began to visit regularly WY 2017, after receiving crisis psychiatric and was unable much time composing in 2018, the year in which she spent a vacation in the affluent town of Jackson on the occasion of the album “Ye”.

In September of last year, midfielder of the local “The Cody Enterprise” reported that West acquired properties of the connection, “Monster Lake Ranch”located approximately 13 miles from Cody, and he saw the musician and his family in the area in large SUVs.

Since then, he recorded part of his ninth disc “Jesus is King” in this new place of residence and moved to the area team members, their sport line, Yeezy, where you want to install the “laboratory” of the brand.

Controversial rapper, however, is not the first to buy land in the area, because the owners Bill gates and Herbert Allen also purchase the property next to Cody.

In the village, of course, some of West friction with the authorities that he was forbidden to build in his estate, meditation centre, amphitheatre concrete about 6500 square metres at the expense of state law, which protects form bird grouse from artemisas.