10 facts about Vance Joy, recent guest OT | Gallery | Music

Despite the fact that one of the artists of that time, we know very little about Vance Joy in Spain. Fortunately, there is a program called TPO Operation Triumph where, between live people, sometimes singing. In this environment, the Australian artist was one of those invited to the program.

In fact, his visit was one of the most important moments, including the gala concert. Perhaps the fact that the interpreter at the same time doblase for a laugh maybe to see something. We don’t know why…

But probably some kind of international star. With two albums under his belt, this is one of the los artists, attractions, indie-folk. And we are not strange! Has talentazo enough for this.

Gained international fame in 2014 when it is about Riptide the whole world saw. Started to bring in lists of musical Australia, soon to appear in the rankings of countries like the US and UK. In addition, the song has been used in numerous advertising campaigns.

But not only that. Nor much less. Vance continued to accompany the success of his music, the first single from the second album Lay It On Mand earned more than 70 million views on Youtube. In addition, to be a song, double platinum in Australia.

In LOS40, not to lose from the eyes, this section of the disclosure 7 things about Vance Joy. So, maybe you should start listening to music.