A magnificent transformation Ariel winter Daenerys Targaryen, which is broken, of course, with ‘Modern Family’


Ariel Winterthe young star of 22 years, known for her role Alex Dunphy in the series ‘Modern Family‘to upgrade your style. In Platinum blonde this is a new color that will be worn by Ariel in the summer, and the developments that we can see through your profile in Instagram.

The similarity in colors with Khaleesi ‘Game Of Thrones’ not only was the idea of fans. But she and Ariel wrote in the caption “Winter is coming“- a phrase, very important in the epic series and the play on words with his name that is directly related to the figure played by Emilia Clarke.

Once in February, finished shooting the Comedy that was thrown to fame, at a time when she was only 11 years old, Ariel has already passed his the second replacement look. The first of these was not less conspicuous than that, and the fact that the actress spent in the black (which is very similar to the character Alex) in orange. Winter the first was to the side of stark earlier than Targaryen.

These changes look the actress wants to get away from Alex Dunphy, to what causes treatment 11 years to go to the page of the series.

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