Adele: All (little) we know about his new CD | Music


2020 was supposed to be released fourth Studio album Adele. And I say I was because as it seems, will be gone. The crisis caused by the pandemic world Covid-19 by trastocado plans of the contractor, however, put your hands to work with the successor 25.

It is clear that this new album set a new British singer. She made sure to put most of the attention for their lack of publications in social networks.

Of course, it was not the situation just for her to overcome the divorce of a partner, Simon Konecki, but his son, their work and their procedures daily exercises to strengthen before it almost beyond recognition.

In any case, that will not change in any case will not be his wonderful voice. Adele decided that her fourth album is full of soul with the sound more rich and not as close to pop as reported by the source in The Sun.

Before the British singer will work with Raphael Saadiq (Whitney Houston, Joss Stone, Snopp Dogg, Solange) in production. It would not be one big name involved in the project. Composer and singer John Legend it can also be part of the team, Adele, as the magazine notes The Mirror.

All of these sources, the author of such hits as Hello, the Rolling in the deep or Someone like you he “denies all his heart and soul in this record shows how he feels after the divorce.”

None of this information determines at what height in the process of recording Adele. The creative process takes a few months in operation in early 2019 Adel met with his label with the clear intent to write in London and choose the songs from your album. In fact contacted several musicians to gather in the Studio and start work in a variety of compositions.

All seemed to be involving September 2020, as it will be instructed to declare, during the wedding of one of his closest friends. Adele was responsible for hosting the link, the happy couple (Laura and Hugo), soon after, climbed onto a makeshift stage to work and then when he let go of the fact that millions of people stood waiting to hear for a long time. “Expect my album in September” (“you Can expect my drive until September”) said clearly, between the applause and jaleos other guests just before they begin singing Rolling in the deep.

But his Manager has confirmed, in a variety of MEDIA that in September, nothing and all because of a global pandemic which has been punished (and still fines) in the UK. “Won’t be ready in September. What will you do when. I work, and suddenly the whole world. I can’t give an official date. The music is ready but you still work,” explained Jonathan Dickins at MusicWeek.

What is the name of the discs? Because there are those who have already decided to give the number of the album: 31. She was Adele, who published the message, a very important network: “30-I have proof of how very difficult, but I try to support me. No matter how long we are here, life is a constant and difficult sometimes. 31 van to be more than a year, and I fully ourselves. For the first time in a decade, I’m ready to feel the world around me.”

But Adele is already clear that in the trilogy 19, 21, 25 was completed. Or his words or facts that took place during the last two years will make you change your mind?