Chiquis Rivera and Kim Kardashian are wearing the same print in red and white, Who looks better?

Chiquis Rivera and Kim Kardashian Dress with the same print in red and white, the first in a swimsuit in front of the sea, while Kim Kardashian on the feast of her sister Khloé to play with your purse and your new dye-intense red in the hair.

On this occasion Chiquis Rivera unleash the passions in the social networksto pose in front of the sea and a beautiful natural light of the sun, in a bathing suit two pieces with a print in red and white color, in addition to a pair of black lenses, which have a large size, accompanied by a handkerchief on his head.

For his part Chiquis Rivera enjoy the summer and decide to impose this new trend for curvy women. That in addition to contributing to the swimsuit in a two pieces that I add other accessories, such as a kimono and a belt or scarf on the head with the same pattern.

While Kim Kardashian to play used the same print in the same colors with his new change of image, if you dye your hair red. So you stole all the attention in social networks, to play the risk for a color that is so alive, with their new coat of paint.

However, except for his hair, which he also called the attention of users in social networks was the pants, you to play with a red top and high heels of the same heat. In addition to the large touch you gave it the power to decide your bag and the pants with the same print.

Both of the divas of the networks have shown that red is a color that you define in this summer season, 2020. This color has long been associated with passion and safety in women for many years, so that now the divas and women as curvy Chiquis Rivera and Kim Kardashian you can take this color.

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