Community supported Neil pressure man, after receiving threats on social networks

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The controversy that surrounds it The Last of Us: part II it went out of proportion and the way to an environmental toxic that all of the constructive criticism and argued that the way in the wave of insults and attacks, are gone, as is the goal of the game for those who created it and in its development involved. A few days ago, the actress, played by Abby denounced is threatened with death, today, Naughty Dog released a statement about you and Neil pressure man has the same exhibition of the attacks he has received, in the social networks.

A few hours ago, Neil druckmann, Director of the The Last of Us: part IIhe turned over his official Twitter account of the attacks he has received, after the debut of the game and in the middle of the controversy that surrounds him. In this sense, pressure man said: “you can love or hate the game and share your opinion about it. Unfortunately, many of the messages I have received, are vile, hatred and violence. These are just a few of them (I feel that it is important for you to uncover). Warning: transfóbia, homofóbia, anti-Semitism, etc.”

After the publication of the creative members of the community were not slow to show their support and condemn the attacks that he has received. In this context, Mat Piscatella, an analyst at the NPD Group, described the situation as disgusting, while Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, as the comments of hatred is unacceptable, and considered that those who justify this type of action by the simple fact that a game is not to your taste you agree, then, with the acts of hatred and harassment.

For his part, Cory Barlog, director of God of warand who has manifested his support to pressure the man, since the controversy began, was direct in his answer:

In the same way, social network users have expressed their support for the Director of the The Last of Us: part IICondemnation of the attacks it has received, define the situation as unacceptable, and noted that this has gone too far, because there are comments that you want to be creative, murdered and mounted a fan in anger.

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