I am Betty, the ugly : Well looks like its main character-two decades after its premiere

I am Betty, the ugly : Well looks like its main character-two decades after its premiere. Yes, we speak of the unforgettable Ana María Orozcothe actress Colombian that gave life to the unforgettable Beatriz Pinzon Solano, won the hearts of the whole world.

Although the arrival of “I am Betty, the ugly” to Netflix Latin Americaquickly positioned itself as one of the most-watched programmes of the platform, and there are users who claimed to have seen, like the novel, on more than one occasion, as its newer version, “Betty in New York”, Ana María Orozco don’t stop to thank, the love of the story and his character.

Although a few years ago, the majority of the votes for a piece of theatre is very special, the reality is that many of the other roles. “Betty” marked a before and an after in the life Ana María Orozcothe consequences in the performance, the mother of two beautiful girls.

The social networks to remain the best channel up to the day with the followers from all over the world and Ana María Orozco just do not ceases to Shine.

Ana María Orozco, and sees the protagonist of “Yo soy Betty, la fea” twenty years after

Rates legendary, unforgettable characters, the Association of the female, the fight against the stereotypes of beauty and true love are only some of the points you have made “I am Betty, the ugly” one of the most famous novels on the global level. Now, Ana María Orozco its 46 years, it is still as beautiful as ever.

Ana María Orozco remember that Phase of your life, with a lot of care and after a well-deserved break after the completion of the recordings of the novel and its sequel, continue with step-by-action by various achievements. It seems that the years do not pass by, because it is still as sweet as back then, and the comments in networks such as Instagram don ‘ T stop.

You could not miss the images of the memories, and the meeting with his colleagues soap opera, Ana María Orozco he, along with enthusiasm to keep the images on the side of some of them, and the followers not to listen to, in order to continue good relations.

Ana María Orozco not only shone in “soap Operas”, also showed his talent as a actress in mini-series, movies and theatre plays, so for now, it is one of his best moments, enjoy the product of his effort, and with a beautiful family.

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