“It’s terrible, but I love you”: Ricky Martin caused controversy in Instagram tattoo

United States.- Singer Katy Perry still, as the main news in the tabloid world. And the fact that we are approaching something important in your professional life: new disk which is near, pretending to be 14 this August. For this amount, which will be the mother with the baby next to Orlando bloom, her husband. But at the end of this week it became known in the press that can be a big project, which will include singer Argentina Lali Espósito in Spain Aitana.

This hearing took power, when Perry, 35, has announced that it will be the new record this year and leaked possible forms of cooperation. First names which arose, arose, was for Lali and Aitana, two other stars of the time. In addition, the translator Dark House saw related Rosaliabecause in an interview he admitted to be “his fan” and immediately began to make bets and speculation the Duo.

Other samples, which may indicate that this tripleta, gingerbread man, if you get to the end, that’s what Katy Perry puts on a talent to speak. It is worth Recalling that some time ago collaborated with Daddy Yankee Remix Quietly and he placed among the first places in popularity.

Katy Perry is just

Katy Perry for a year was quite difficult: he had to suspend the wedding with bloom of coronavirus, the premiere of his CDs and concerts, this year also affected. But decided to continue their projects, even if under the changes, and the advice of experts because she is pregnant with the first child who don’t know the name until now.

However, everything points to the fact that Katie, Lali and Aitana will be watching the person in the recording Studio. It now remains to wait for confirmation, Rosalia is also included in this musical project which will definitely save you from the posters. In addition, blonde USA collaborates with institutions that work against Covid-19signing shoes, how to do it, and with the music.