Jennifer Lopez shows his skills playing baseball and surprises Alex Rodriguez

The singer is good and everything he does and practices.

Jennifer Lopez was a woman, multifaceted, and not only sings, dances and works, also has skills in this sport.

So, as he did playing baseball in the family and surprise everyone, including his partner Alex Rodriguez.

He has published in his Instagram video when JLo ball with a bat and begins to run, showing their skills and strength.

Of course, the glamour can never leave aside the fact that the stars played with shorts, jeans, a white shirt and white tennis.

In baseball, he shared the video with a message “I hope that the weekend insurance the fourth of July. I have the opportunity to spend time with my family, and I want some”, and the fact that JLo said, “time spent with family is the best time ♥ this ♥”.

“I love her, I love your spirit”, “to play better”, “is that she’s the best, it makes all the”, “star in the full sense of the word,” “what, beautiful, I like your position” and “Alex, I think you came competition, ha, ha”, there were certain reactions in the network.

The couple went on Thursday in his private jet with all his children and puppies in Miami, where he wore a luxurious Chanel set about “Maxi” boots white.

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