Leo – Monday, 6. July 2020: you will always be ready for an unexpected invitation | horoscopes Leo

News astrological: Today, Monday, may 6. July 2020, the planets mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the moon, Pluto continues to decline.

If there is enmity problems between friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbours – you will be voting and agreements. The vicissitudes suffered in the past, a product of misunderstandings and hasty gestures are forgotten today behind.

An unexpected situation in a public place put you on the path to prosperity and with the cosmic influence, which is widely used today, in your character, sharpen your intuition and are able to do the things in your site that attracts to you of money and love of this Monday.

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It is your moment of voting and agreement, because, in this Phase should be nothing unclear between the two. Away from your spirit of obfuscation at the time of the dialogue with your partner and benefit from the excellent location of the astral these days, is to raise the awareness and touch the deepest fibers of your inner being.

Your nervous system is put to the test with the great changes in the situation, you need to make to this day. Your previous experience and the ability to deal with life in more optimistic are the keys with which you want the health, the.

You need to be very careful when discussing personal matters with colleagues, because you could say, a little uncomfortable, a boss or supervisor. Once you put everything in order, there are no reasons to worry.

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Money and assets
You will receive encouraging news about a trip, or management of money, as well as the possibility of payment of an overdue account. You’re on a good path to economic recovery and now the money starts to circulate.

Biorhythm astral today
Level of sexual energy on this Monday: high.
Dynamic cosmic, which you should use: your ability to adapt to the new circumstances in your life.
A dangerous trend of today, Monday, in your sign Leo: agobiarte not think that you will be able to overcome a difficulty.
What should I avoid?: Fear in the face of a difficult situation.

Quote of the day: if you say your opinion “” even though they achieve all the means to get something, you will not be able to.

Before that, the couple say for today, Monday
The best of today: today, Monday, will things work very well for you, if your partner is the Leo, Aries or Sagittarius as well as Gemini or Aquarius. A good compatibility with Virgo could be, although it is on the earth.
The relationship is always tense: I did not appreciate a lot of tensions, however you argue with a cancer or Scorpio.
Your current compatibility: in General, it is good, best with the fire signs and air.
If you are single or unmarried, is the fascinating personality of your zodiac sign Leo, always by your side too many people, as if they were a magnet, it is in your hands to decide.