Minnie and Mickey mouse, the real story never told

Russi Taylor and Wine Allwine were actors involved in revive Minnie and Mickey Mouse, but nobody knows the real history that existed between them.

Russell “RussiTayloractress of dubbing of the United States, became the most famous intérpretar character Minnie mouse Disney since 1986, when he was selected from the many that audicionaron paper.

Wayne Allwin it was the voice of a character Mickey Mousehe began his career in the beginning as Concierge, e in 1966.

You can read Minnie mouse lost his voice after the death of Russi Taylor, crying in Disney

Wayne the tour company takes place later part of the audio system, many years later, it’s the greatest opportunity of his life, to become the third person to provide his voice is sensational Mickey Mouseafter the great Disney and Jimmy MacDonald.

Russi came in, dubbing in 1977, but it was not until 1986, when he decided to audicionar in the role of bridesmaid Mickey

Russi Taylor and Wayne Allwin they have lived together for many years and worked, in their view, everything points to the fact that there was a time when there is a spark between them.

The love between them will arise in the mid-80s, but the actors most famous couples of the world Disney not given to know their Union, and decided to keep it the secret.

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Married in 1991 but did not make public their history, believed that if you came to know that the voices of the characters was married to magic may be lost. So they decided to keep in discresión the details of their relationship.

After 32 years, provides your voice and 18 years of marriage Wayne Allwine falleció in 2009, at the age of 62 years débido from complications of diabetes.

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And gave death Russi at the age of 75 years in southern California, where she was. Now both Minnie and Mickey they are together again.