Photo-watching the Sunset enloqueció fans

Between 2008 and 2012 Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have created Robert Pattinson one of the love triangles, the most famous big screen in the movie “Twilight”.

Since then, fans of the series are the dream of the continuation of the story that don’t seem to be close to never, especially after filtration, which has been indefinitely postponed publication of the novel “midnight Sun” which told the story from the point of view of Edward Cullen. So long as have to settle for a small meeting that both artists were in the lead role, on Monday, on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the actor, which has the task to give life to man-the wolf Jacob.

The bride of actor, Taylor Dome, who officially their love affair in October last year Instagram has organized a surprise party that don’t want to miss some of his star friends, including popular stylist CJ Rosemary, translator Patrick Schwarzenegger and she is Kristen. The famous actress posed next to the birthday funny pictures, and noted the Rosemary and that both appear posing crowding around Taylor.

Evident that the great hero of the evening he spent in a big, please contact the day, all the guests and remembering old jokes, in the case of Kristen: “Thanks, Taylor, for the best birthday I ever had. Never in my life, I was in shock like,” wrote Lautner to your profile on Instagram after the ceremony.

His bride also took the opportunity to turn romantic in the network to make rare mention of their love story: “birthday of a man with a big heart. Still wants to enjoy from day to day. Love, humility and kindness irradias not go unnoticed. Every day on your page, it’s an adventure filled with cariñitos and laughter, and I am very grateful that I can share this life with you,” he assured beautiful, young.