Rosalia leave to seduce Tie Dye: embossed fashion | Fashion and Beauty

Pattern Tie Dye will be one of the hits of the summer of 2020. More celebrities who wear this special style. The last one was Rosaliawho we saw posing in Instagram in this dress like a t-shirt in pastel colours, with fading, like Tie Dye.

Singer ??? And From The Height you can choose to combine dress Tie Dye hooded white belt, Sneakers, sports Nike.

Recently, a few weeks ago, the Venezuelan model Rosanna Zanneti shared in the network, one of his Favorite tricks to give him a second life in the white robes that have been spotting or has lost its influence and initial brightness. Her solution was to turn them into new clothes, with the help of technology tie dye.

What is Tay-let?

Tie-dye is a type of t-shirts different colorswhat is done with the process, painted and nodes. These prints appeared for the first time in the past lived the hippie movement and wide popularity after in the early nineties, as the personality and rebellion of youth. In the world of fashion is also called shibori in Japan.

Why was the stamping of the fashion leaders?

In Smoda is understandable. Tie-dye turned into “stamping” favorite leaders during the quarantine. And that during the crisis, the clothing color became a symbol of hope.

He Dulceida also rose a few days ago, his training balanco with a hint desteñidos, rose in pure estidlo tie-dye. As shown in Instagram, there was a set consisting of a hooded sweatshirt-style crop pants brand ÖH MY COLLECTIONthat also chose leaders like Laura Scanning.

If you also want to join the fashion tie dye, which evokes a sense between models and leaders, on YouTube you can find tutriales of all kinds. Here we leave one.