Selena Gomez and Taylor swift, once immediately after, of course, distancing,

The rumors about the feud between Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez left behind, and this may be the beginning of a great year for both, especially for Selena, who lived in 2018 is quite difficult kidney transplantation, in which she passed her final break with Justin Bieber and its recent entry into the psychological centre to try their problems and concerns.

The published account with Instagram Taylor, who appears alongside Selena and Cazzie David this is proof that the singers came back to be as close as in previous years, when did not lose the opportunity to have a good time together.

Not known to many of the details or the cause of its meeting, the photo shows that in addition to this, very satisfied, there were benefits. However, the one that appears with a glass of wine in hand is an interpreter ‘Shake it Off’at a time when Selena holding a Cup, which can be tea.

The painting caused great excitement among the supporters of both and still failed more than two million in likes. Now we are waiting for the next appearance of the seals.