Told Blac Chyna in his first interview about Rob Kardashian?

Has not passed also weeks from the moment Rob Kardashian caused controversy to do strong revelations of personal life Blac Chyna the fact that she is addicted to drugs, and even to publish intimate photos that he was ordered by his ex.

In the end, she was a stripper, decided to Express its opinion on the recent attacks, which she got from my brother Kim Kardashian , told Blac Chyna in his first interview about Rob Kardashian ?

I was desperateof course. I couldn’t believe that someone can publish these pictures to me… Is people, which I’m sure I felt comfortable sending these pictures, and even we are talking on certain topics. I just feel betrayed “he explained Blac Chyna in a recent interview.

A few weeks ago Blac Chyna published photo in the company Rob him and the daughter Dream Reneein Disneymany thought that the ex will have a new chance at love.

In controversial statements about Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna

Was Rob Kardashian he also admitted that he atrajó brother Kim Kardashian when I met and began a relationship with him.

The first thing I was attracted to Rob, he was very sweetsuper. I thought I don’t need help from someone who won’t judge, I know that it can be. I thought it was a friend who never asked questions, and if it is, I reasoned, I was there for him, it was something that attracted me to him. We spent beautiful moments together, the problems began when I got out of guard”, – he assured Blac Chyna .