What is the origin of the meme is that a sensation in the networks?

By the Networks socialit has the famous viral meme, the main character of the Mouse Hanna-BarberaJerry from the cartoon Tom & Jerryin the rodent appears with tears in the eyes, while in your mouth, if you are in different situations, which are just sad and has no remedy.

Of course, the humor the Mexican Adversity can not miss, and as usual, every time a new meme will appear, filling the social networks Fun Images to share on the level of getting viral and thousands of internet users, and this is how the meme is called Jerry Cry it has become a trend.

Twists and tragic situations

The mouse fur is light brown can be seen, as he is about to cry and covered her mouth, as if there is something it is to be regretted, that this collection of the cartoon was ulizada with hundreds of phrases and situations, the merits of the expression.

It is hard to find Extract the Chapter where was this curious meme, such as the Series living with more than five seasons, in which the little mouse escape from the snares of the cat Tom in General, out of leave, in order to be able to have the hang of it.

The origin of the meme Jerry is crying

The Chapter Tea for Two the image that gave life to the new meme of Jerry, the circulated especially on Twitter and Facebook; in this scene, Tom Practice golf and Jerry is going to change, a ball, an egg, and here is when he made fun of the cat.

But in the Chapter are not going to Jerry’s cry of distress, and is used when an unknown user, you photoshoptears of the mouse will turn it into a moment both Fun as tragic.

By: Writing A Digital Herald Mexico