‘Women, we are more than incubators for babies’: Taylor swift

“I don’t think that the person you ask is when he turned 30, so I’m not going to answer this question”, – he explained.

Before that Yes, answered Swift was that occurs over time, and to overcome the barrier of 30 years. “There are some parts of my thinking that I don’t visit as often as estresarme my body, estresarme to be fashionable, estresarme people who think I’m super, estresarme people who think that everything is about me. You need to throw away things that don’t serve you,” he says.

“I think everything we’re trying to do when we get older, and you only hope to become wiser!”, he exclaimed. Recently, Swift was named “entertainer of the decade” at the American Music Awards, a title that puts them in a situation in court, along with icons like Elvis Presley (1950), The Beatles (1960), Stevie wonder (1970) and Michael Jackson (1980).