“Yes, I want to live,” says the actress Cecilia Romo suffering a preinfarto

The daughter of actress Cecilia Romo, told of her trip to the hospital and some of the moments that he lived in the emergency room. Photo: Instagram | @claudiaromoedelman

“Yes, I want to live”, were the words of the Actress Cecilia Romo before the day yesterday in the hospital, after suffering a preinfarto, as noted by his daughter, Claudia Edelmann by the social networks.

“My mother had a previous heart attack in my arms. I wax cleaned out of her in a cold sweat and screamed his name to her, while I went in the ambulance. I was able to be with her all the time, and the last thing was he said, “Yes, I want to live'”.

Claudia Edelmann, daughter of Cecilia Romo.

The daughter of the first Actress told of his trip to the hospital, as well as the moments that he lived in the emergency room.

Screenshot Facebook | Claudia Gonzalez-Romo Edelman

“So, all the ride to the hospital and then the moments in the emergency room, this is what he said: to life abrázate to live abrázate. This is so so excited about doing your book …. and dance in the Quinceanera of my daughter in December.”

Claudia Edelmann, daughter of Cecilia Romo wrote.

Yesterday afternoon, in his account of Instagram, the daughter of Cecilia Romo he urged the people to pray for the health of your mother.

“Thank you for your prayers, I ask you to double your positive thoughts”.

Claudia Edelmann.

The actress Cecilia Romo was hospitalized

The Actress Cecilia Romo he had to be hospitalized after suffering a preinfarto. This was reported by his daughter, Claudia Edelmann, through your social networks.

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago the actress gave positive COVID-19, and was therefore supplies to the hospital.

Then he was dismissed and in his home he was recovering from the impact of leaving this virus to him.

Cecilia Romo, the first actress of theater and television

Cecilia Romo it is Actress who dabbled in film, theatre and television. Her debut on stages was studied in 1988, with the work “As I have to drive a car?”; however, it is also remembered for his participation in the emblematic pieces such as “La cage folles”, “Moliere” and “Hello, Oh, Dolly!”.

In television, the audience managed to tie for performances in soap operas such as “chains of bitterness”, “If God takes my life”, among others.