A famous actor has fallen to the deception of the Bureau, that prevents new York

“Two new Yorkers, smart, and touching” – this is myself (and wife), the famous actor Alec Baldwin. But when I decided to visit the Statue of Liberty ended defrauded company, wanted to send on the bus to new Jersey. “On the damn Jersey,” wrote the actor on his page on Instagram, “this is not a joke.”

Baldwin bought the tickets at $ 40 per person, so that he, his wife Hilaria and her three young children for a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty. On the contrary, the family was held intermediaries unauthorized bus stop to the North of battery Park, and they said they will take the car in the link, in new Jersey, the actor said in a posting on his page in Instagram.

Baldwin realized the deception. His family has finally ended, taking the ferry to Staten island, it’s free and passes the statue of Liberty, said Hilary in another publication.

Family if I was doing the bus to go on a journey through the Holland tunnel and Liberty State Park in new Jersey, where they would have to wait for a ship called the Queen of hearts, according to the Department of transport.

The sellers advertise the event, how was the tour for an hour, but passengers usually end up not happening, at least three hours for the trip, which leaves in the Statue of Liberty in new York Harbor.

The ship is owned by a company called Freedom Cruises, which was excluded from the spring 36 city in 2018, for their habits of street trading. One of the bus companies used the Sphinx Is located, does not have permission to work in the city, in accordance with the Daily News.

Every day, deception, misrepresentation of tourists who buy tickets on a cruise for 35 or 40 dollars, which is significantly more expensive than option ” 18.50 USD, listed on Statue Cruises, the company that has a contract with the National Park service to provide boat between battery Park and Liberty and Ellis Islands. Services Parks cobra three dollars to climb to the crown of Lady Liberty.

Although ticket sales for the Park Battery Park prohibited without permission, street vendors ignore. A poster warns travelers: “the seller is illegal in battery Park, and the area does NOT have the right to sell tickets for the Statue of Liberty.”

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Laura Feyer, a press-the Secretary of the city, said the Department of Transportation, sending an email, cancellation or rescission of the contract companies like Queen of Hearts, who work without permission, and that the Department of Consumer protection “continues to look for sellers who cheat customers and proposed rules to improve the transparency of the recording”.

Feyer also said that preparing for the big signs to the ferry terminal Staten island and Battery Park, to inform tourists about intermediaries. The city also opened one kiosk close to the ferry terminal to “give information to tourists and provide a Central point of that work sellers of tickets”, he added Feyer.